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7 Crazy ways to use a drone

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There’s more to do with them than just pizza and package delivery

Apparently, drones are not just for recording videos and capturing photos. These people have come up with alternative uses for the mini-aircraft and some are more practical than others. 

Beautiful pictures or crazy YouTube clips from dizzying heights are no longer the only use for the propeller-driven big boy toys. And as good as pizza and package delivery services or action-packed drone races are, we’ve collected a few of the crazy ideas that people pull off with these machines.

  • cooking up a storm
  • at your service
  • mobile mistletoe
  • animal art deco
  • I spy
  • drone upgrade
  • keep it old school
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Cooking up a storm

A new meaning for high-class dining, what about using the propeller as a food processor? A metal glove is essential if you value all your fingers but a drone can be a jack of all trades at the stove, from potato cutting to frying in flight, and high-speed stirring. However, your kitchen may be less like a five-star restaurant and more like a battlefield. 

© YouTube // Autel Robotics

At your service

To celebrate their 60th anniversary, the Technical University of Eindhoven opened a pop-up cafe in the Dutch city where autonomous drones took customer orders and then served the drinks. Soon the days of unfriendly waitresses could be a thing of the past, and a merry whirring machine will whisk your café latte to your table.

© YouTube // Bluejayehv

Mobile mistletoe

Have you ever been to a live American sport like a basketball game when suddenly you and your partner’s faces appear on the big screen surrounded by a heart? With thousands of people in the arena watching, you’re expected to kiss. For Christmas, the restaurant chain TGI Fridays came up with a new twist on this Kiss Cam. They had the glorious idea to hang mistletoe from drones and fly them around their venues. Talk about taking the Kiss-Cam to whole new heights.

© YouTube // TGI Fridays UK

Animal art deco

Orville the cat gained worldwide notoriety in 2012. After the animal, named after one of the aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers, had been killed by a car, his owner decided to have him stuffed. Artist Bart Jansen then mounted the remains on a drone, creating the “Orvillecopter” as part of an art project in memory of his beloved pet.

© YouTube // pricordia

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I spy

You never know what a drone camera might pick up on a flight through the neighbourhood. However, hovering around the windows of your neighbours is not advised. Not only is it against common sense, an intrusion on privacy may be liable for prosecution. And if they catch your drone, forget about getting it back, except in pieces. 

© YouTube // Madeira Videos

Drone upgrade

Instead of a cat, there are plenty of other things that can be attached to a drone and they’re not always clever. Some jokers came up with the idea of fixing Roman candles aboard and taking to the skies. It looks funny on video, but could, quite literally, backfire very quickly.

© YouTube // Nick Murray

Keep it old school

In the end, you should probably stick to the drone’s strengths; capturing incredible 4K shots of gorgeous landscapes or making epic snowboarding films, away from kitchens, your neighbours, government buildings and airports. These videos are far more impressive.

© YouTube // Epic Drone Videos

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