How to become a YouTube star

Photography: Jorge Solorzano/Maker Studios  

Popular YouTubers pull in more viewers than big TV channels. How do they do it?

The giant

PewDiePie only wants to play, and breaks YouTube records in the process. It’s a dream come true: Felix Kjellberg makes a living playing computer games. Or, rather, from everyone watching him playing them. More than 32 million subscribers—YouTube’s most watched channel—can’t get enough of the Swede’s videos. Anyone who has witnessed the rush of energy that goes into his videos must be asking themselves how we got him to sit still long enough to take this photo.

Want to be a YouTube millionaire as well? Follow these ten tips and you might be the next big thing.

“YouTubers are just weird people who’ve found a place to nerd out.”  

1. Befriend the lens

Look straight into the camera. If you don’t connect with people, they’ll stop watching. 


2. Show yourself

Open up your private world: It’s the most interesting thing about you. Even if you think it’s boring.

3. Get real

Viewers can tell when your passion is genuine. There’s enough fake emotion on TV as it is.

4. Get to the point

Your video has to resonate with people immediately. Like, “How to Piss Off Every New Yorker in 36 Seconds.”


5. Push it real good

Always ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and like your videos, even if they don’t.

6. Stay connected

Give regular updates in the same format and from a similar perspective. If it’s well received, repeat.

Anyone with a channel can become a YouTube partner, which means you can monetize content via ads and subscriptions and gain access to special features.

7. Stay true to yourself

Focus on your own crowd. Why else would SkyDoesMinecraft have 10 million subscribers?

8. Hit the spot

Choose the best tags so that people find you and can recommend you to others as simply as possible.

9. Keep it up

You only make the first videos for yourself. If you do have fans, you only make more videos to keep them.

10. Show them the way

Recommend other cool videos to your fans. Those click-throughs will make them even more loyal.

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