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Heroes, month by month

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They did great work this year. We look at the best moments of 2014, month by month.


The perfect passenger

Researchers wanted to see what would happen if they put a Toronto robot out on the streets… …they got their 
answer. He wasn’t 
stolen or destroyed. 
People picked him up and talked to him.

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hitchBOT made his way across Canada and in doing so, he proved the smartness of technology and the kindness of humans

Last summer, an immobile robot travelled 6,000km across the world’s fourth biggest country. Friendly drivers picked him up along the way (literally). Made and monitored by scientists and roboticists at Canadian universities, hitchBOT got from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia in 21 days. The robot could speak and hear, thanks to mics and sensors. His journey was a victory for artificial intelligence and the decency of normal folk.

The Red Bulletin has put together an anthology of notable personalities and events of the past twelve months. Some, like Monty Python or Foo Fighters, celebrated their comeback to the applause of a loving public. Others made their first steps on the international stage. Starting with the young singer from New Zealand, Lorde.

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