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Six genre-defining show creators and screenwriters - their major hits still keep us up at night.

Do you ever wonder who’s behind your favorite series? We dug into the careers of six of the most prominent show creators and screenwriters of the past few decades to see how TV has evolved over the years.


The laundry list of major hits that have flowed from these creative minds…

J. J. ABRAMS: Felicity (drama: 1998), Alias (action: 2001), Lost (adventure: 2004), Fringe (thriller: 2008), Person of Interest (action: 2010), Almost Human (action: 2012).

DONALD D. BELLISARIO: Magnum (action: 1981), Quantum Leap (adventure: 1989), Jag (crime: 1995), NCIS (crime: 2003).

DAVID CHASE: The Rockford Files (crime: 1977), Northern Exposure (comedy: 1993), The Sopranos (crime: 1999).

CHRIS CARTER: The X-Files (thriller: 1993), Millennium (crime: 1996), The Lone Gunman (thriller: 2001), The After (sci-fi: 2004).

RONALD D. MOORE: Star Trek: The Next Generation (sci-fi: 1991), Star Trek: DS9 (sci-fi: 1994), Roswell (thriller: 2000), Battlestar Galactica (sci-fi: 2003), Carnivale (thriller: 2003).

VINCE GILLIGAN: The X-Files (thriller: 1995), Breaking Bad (crime: 1998), Battle Creek (crime: 2014). 

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