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Football Truths: Just the facts

Why you should play corners short and always celebrate with both arms. 

10 - The amount of games you would have to watch to see a goal from a corner in England’s Premier League. The goal to game ration isn’t much better at World Cups. Play the corner short! 

44 - The percentage of goals which are scored by fluke.   

60 - The amount of minutes a football match usually lasts. For the rest of the 30 minutes the the ball is usually out of play.  So why do we only get five minutes of stoppage time? 

28 - The amount of years that the World Cup went without a 0-0 draw. England - Brazil on the 11th of July 1958 ended that record. 

31 - How many goals Australia banged past American Samoa in 2001. It still remains the highest scoring game in World Cup qualifying history. 

5 - The amount of goals Austria scored in the space of 9 minutes to turn around a 3-0 deficit against Switzerland in 1954. They went on to win the match 7-5. 

0 - Scoring no goals usually results in winning more points than scoring, unfortunately! Games are mostly won in defence.

2 -  It has been proven that a player celebrating with both arms after converting a penalty in a final is more likely to affect the player taking the next penalty, than a player celebrating with his fist. 

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06/2014 The Red Bulletin

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