David Beckham

you are what you wear

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David Beckham or Will Ferrell? Your style speaks louder than your Facebook posts. Here are the gentlemanly basics
David Beckham

day-off dress code

David Beckham

Sportswear: the team shirt question

Can you wear a team’s shirt without being a true fan? We say no! Because following 
sport is about much more than the design of the kit.

Pullover: a Gentleman can relax, too

No wardrobe should be without a classic sweater, whether you’re off to play sport or lounging at home. Feel free to experiment with colour, but black and grey will go with any trousers.

Socks: no red card a splash of colour

If you plan to show a bit of leg, colourful socks set the tone – we recommend something bright that contrasts appropriately with your outfit. But remember: length is key

Jeans: the classic of classics

Everyone should own a pair of timeless straight-leg blue jeans. They offer much more space than the skinny hipster variety, and baggy jeans have passed their sell-by date

The red sneaker effect 

It’s been proven that dressing unconventionally can raise your status. A gentleman knows the dress code, but is happy to go against it, which is why we’ll soon see David Beckham in a red suit, with his phone in his trouser pocket.

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