Hector Bellerin

Hector Bellerin’s strength in numbers

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The Arsenal right-back’s mix of speed and stamina just shouldn’t add up. We caught up with the young spaniard to work out the maths behind the magic

34.74 - The top speed in kPH he hit during the 2014-15 season 

To put things in context, his famously speedy teammate Theo Walcott only achieved 34.60kph. “There’s a lot of banter, but it pushes you,” Bellerín says. “He’s working hard to beat my record; I’m working harder so he doesn’t.”

Friendly jostling, whether in the gym or on the pitch, can boost performance, he says. “It definitely helps you improve day by day.”

4.41 - ​The time in seconds it takes him to run 40m

This makes him faster over 40m than Usain Bolt, who did it in 4.64 seconds during his world-record 100m in 2009. “I do a lot of weight training: single leg squats, split squats,” says Bellerín. “Technique work, too, like keeping your trunk low for less wind resistance.” The smaller your profile, the bigger the threat to your next five-a-side opponents

7 - The number of days per week he trains

For the dangerous defender, training hard is also about staying safe. “If you don’t work hard, you’ll have problems,” says Bellerín. “Not just stamina problems, but injuries.” Recovery is as important as the main event. “After a match, you must make time for stretching and rest.” Good advice, whether you’re aiming to be a pro footballer or just a demon on the squash court.


Discipline: Football

Age: 21  

Height: 1.77m 

Weight: 74kg

Achievements: 3 Under-21 caps for Spain; 2014-15 FA Cup winner with Arsenal

10,197 - The total number of metres he covered per game during the 2014-15 season

Hector covers hectares. In fact, he makes the most distance of any Arsenal defender and has the fourth-highest work rate in the entire squad. And it comes from treating training like a match. “It’s important, especially in pre-season, that you give your maximum in every session, so your body gets used to it,” says Bellerín. “Then you’re less tired in games.”

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