Hipster gift guide

The Ultimate Hipster Gift Guide

Words: JJ Dunning
Images: Pexels

Stuck for what to buy the coffee-guzzling vinyl fan in your life? Check out our list of recommended ultra-cool gifts…

Buying presents for friends and family can be a nightmare.

But while Dads are relatively simple to cater for – a pair of warm socks or a bottle of scotch should do it – some people are a whole other level of difficult. For instance, what can you buy for the super-cool, ultra-cynical, Murakami-reading hipster in your life?

Well, stop panicking. We’ve trawled the internet to find you the ultimate selection of hipster-approved gifts. Get your credit card out…

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1. A Subversive Football T-shirt

Andrea Pirlo t-shirt

Andrea Pirlo: the hipster’s footballer of choice.

© Badly Drawn Footballers

Hipsters have a complicated relationship with football. This is because they are natural contrarians – they can’t just love the world’s most popular sport. That’d be too obvious. Instead they bury themselves in obscurities – this is why you’ll usually find hipster footy fans wearing a vintage Napoli away shirt (86/87 season), clutching a copy of an intellectual book about the beautiful game, and ready and willing to discuss Bath City’s away form.

Any gifts you can find that subvert their love of football – like these wonky drawings of world stars by Badly Drawn Footballers (£15.00 +P&P) – will go down a treat.

2. A retro computer game soundtrack on vinyl

Record label Data Discs have a very niche area of specialism. The UK-based imprint deals only in vinyl LP pressings of retro computer game soundtracks.

You can currently choose from nine titles including Streets of Rage (pictured), Revenge of Shinobi and Super Hang On.

Priced £19.99 (+P&P), each LP is available in a choice of three “editions”: limited edition (with special colour effect), single-coloured edition, and black. 

If the idea of listening to 16-bit computer game soundtracks via a high-fidelity vintage medium doesn’t appeal, they look cool enough to hang on your wall. 

3. A new turntable

Now that you’ve gifted them The Revenge of Shinobi on vinyl, the subject of your seasonal generosity will need something to play it on. 

We have three suggestions: 1) the MAG-LEV levitating turntable (around £1,000), 2) the classic Crosley Cruiser portable record player (around £100), or 3) a VW Soundwagon, demonstrated above (around £60-70 second hand).

4. Aeropress

According to makers Aerobie, the AeroPress “yields the smoothest, richest coffee that you have ever tasted”.

© Aerobie/YouTube

Hipsters are coffee snobs. They also like playing frisbee. Therefore, it makes sense that a revolutionary coffee maker would be invented by a man who revolutionised the frisbee.

The AeroPress is the brainchild of American inventor Alan Adler, who also created the Aerobie ring. According to the product’s website, it makes “amazingly delicious”, sediment-free coffee in under a minute. £20-30 for an accessory that makes something “amazingly delicious”? Surely a bargain.

5. A pretentious water bottle

Black and Blum water bottle

Wood you drink this? Black + Blum’s Eau Good water bottle.

© Black+Blum

London design firm Black + Blum have made a big splash in the bottled water market. How? By introducing a special ingredient: a lump of coal.

The company’s 800ml Eau Good bottles (around £15) include a stick of Japanese Binchotan charcoal that purifies tap water, absorbing negative ions (like chlorine) and neutralising pH levels.

Pre-occupied with Japanese culture, healthy, and slightly odd-looking? The Eau Good bottle sounds like it might be a hipster in its own right. 

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