Sam Oldham - 2016 Olympics Gymnastics: His strength in numbers



The British gymnast and 2016 Olympic hopeful keeps himself competition-ready in numerous ways. Here are his top totals


The distance in metres Oldham covers every week in the pool 

“I do 20 lengths of front crawl at top speed, with a 30-second pause between each one,” says Oldham. 

“It helps with my breathing control, so that I don’t tighten up and breathe faster towards the end of a routine. If football or running are your thing, this will help you, too.”

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The Number of minutes per day Oldham spends in a handstand position

“You have to be tight from your toes all the way through your quads, lower back, mid-section, shoulders, triceps, forearms and hands in order to balance,” he says, “so it’s a great full-body workout. I need to know during practice that I can hold each position for a lot longer than is needed in competition.”


  • Discipline: Gymnastics
  • Age: 23  
  • Height: 1.68m 
  • Weight: 65kg  
  • Achievements: Olympic team bronze medal, Commonwealth team gold medal, European Championships silver medal


The time in the morning Oldham gets up 

“I’ve got into the habit of setting my alarm to this exact time,” he says. “Sleep is a massive part of my training. I have to have nine hours’ sleep to feel really good, as recovery is essential after time in the gym. I have a pint of milk before I go to bed, too. The protein helps my muscles recover overnight.”


The number of beetroot juice shots Oldham drinks before a big training session 

“I have 70ml of the stuff,” he says. “I hate the taste, but it’s really effective. It contains nitrates, which increase oxygen flow in the blood and give you an endurance boost. It’s a necessary evil ahead of any big workout.”

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