Lizzy Caplan's Career So Far

Icon of the Month: Lizzy Caplan

Photo: Steven Lippman

The 33-year-old has never played it safe, proving that single-mindedness pays

Californian girl Lizzy Caplan was just 13 when she decided she wanted to become an actress. It’s a decision she hasn’t questioned in the two decades since, despite forgoing college and – even after her breakthrough in hit movie Mean Girls in 2004 – spending long periods out of work.

Caplan’s persistence has proved worthwhile: among her rewards have been an Emmy nomination for her performance in TV drama series Masters Of Sex, and film roles such as Lula in this month’s Now You See Me 2, which have elevated her to A-list status.

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“There are some of us who are just born with a more adventurous spirit than others”
Lizzy Caplan
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