Making a crucial mistake

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One false move and fate can strike mercilessly. But at least we can learn from history. This is what not to do

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Crude sport

Messing with the best

The mistake Wrestling’s great. The NFL’s great. So why not combine them to create Xtreme Football? Because it will dismally fail as a sport. 

The moral Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. 

10-cent mistake

The mistake In 1974, Cleveland Indians baseball fans have too many cheap beers and trash the stadium out of frustration at the score.

The moral The cheaper the drinks, the better you have to play.

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Money can’t buy happiness

Obstinate oligarch​

The mistake Russian tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev doesn’t want to pay his wife $1bn of his $8.8bn fortune after a 30-year marriage. The divorce ends up costing more than $4.5bn. 

The moral Being generous can actually save you money.                             

Learning to share

The mistake Ronald Wayne returns his 10 per cent stake in Apple in 1976 for $800. It would now be worth $30bn. 

The moral Cash isn’t always king.

Missed chance

Sitting pretty

The mistake When offered the lead in Pretty Woman, Molly Ringwald declines. Julia Roberts says, ‘Thank you very much!’ The rest is history. 

The moral Don’t be too picky. Who’s Molly Ringwald again?                                                         

Binning millions

The mistake A man in Pennsylvania buys 25 lottery tickets. When the numbers are drawn, he misreads them. Consequently he throws all his tickets in the bin, losing $1.25m. 

The moral Keep any potentially money-winning rubbish for a couple of weeks, just in case.

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The endless horizon

Continental error 

The mistake Dutch navigator Willem Janszoon discovers Australia in 1606, but declares it inhospitable. Then the English arrive and reap the rewards.

The moral See the bigger picture.         

Sad state of affairs

The mistake A Tsar sells Alaska to the Americans for $7.2m in 1867, unaware of gold and oil underfoot.

The moral When selling, don’t scrimp on the survey.

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