Seven reasons Brazil will win


And seven reasons why they won’t. Everything points to a home win, but look at it another way, everything points against it, too

1. Pelé himself thinks his home country will win the World Cup.

That’s the same Pelé who thinks the German team are better.

2. Lionel Messi has never scored a goal in Brazil.

Yet he scored three the last time he played against Brazil.

3. In 2013, Brazil won the Confederations Cup.

No winner of that tournament has gone on to win the World Cup the following year.

4. Neymar scores at least one goal in every other match he plays for Brazil.

Which means Neymar is off target one match in two.

5. Julio Cesar is Brazil’s No 1 goalie.

Right now his club side is Toronto FC in Canada, which is about the 666th best team in the world.

6. Brazil-born Diego Costa has scored more goals in 2014 than Ronaldo did when he was at his best.

He chose to represent Spain this year.

7. A European team has never won the World Cup in South America.

But Brazil have never won it in Brazil.

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06 2014 The Red Bulletin

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