Sofia Vergara

Funny = Money 

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We like women who make us laugh - Here are some of the best of them 

In the movies, the men earn more than the women and there are no parts for females over 40. Over in TV land, the highest earner of all is 42-year-old Sofía Vergara. Last year the Colombian actress became an American citizen and, according to Forbes magazine, she earned US$37m from her role as Gloria in Modern Family, her endorsements and her business dealings. When she’s not a sitcom wife to a husband twice her age, she is a founder and high-up at Latin World Entertainment, which dabbles in everything from websites to film production. It pays to multitask.

Modern Family also pulls in almost 10m viewers. But Sofía is not the only woman to command a hefty fee as the star of the show. Here are a few others that guarantee viewing figures. 

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