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What the stars of the shows, not the actors who play them, really think about being on telly.

Two reasons why experts agree that this is a golden age for TV are that character development has never been so interesting and new technologies are helping to create and prolong shows.

Frank Tagliano

Comedy/Drama: lilyhammer

“I’m a one-man crime wave”, Frank Tagliano.

 Lilyhammer is the first original series co-produced by Netflix, the online TV and film streaming service; it’s also one of few subtitled shows to find popularity in the US. Sci-fi drama Defiance functions as both a TV show and online game universe, the two worlds existing in parallel and complementing one another.

Meanwhile, Downton Abbey has transported viewers worldwide to Edwardian England. Rather than interview the actors, we spoke to the main characters from each show… 


Frank Tagliano, the gangster boss in Lilyhammer, set in the Norwegian town of Lillehammer, is played by Steven van Zandt.

The Red Bulletin: Frank, what would you do if you were the most powerful man in Lillehammer?

“I think I do have all the power. I turned the place into one big brothel. In Lillehammer there is no crime, no corruption, no bribing, but there is a lot of bureaucracy. You can’t buy anybody, which is shocking to Americans. In the States, if you want to be president, or mayor of New York, you can buy it.”




SCI-FI/ Adventure 

Law laid down

The sheriff in sci-fi show Defiance, is played by Grant Bowker. So,Sheriff Nolan, what do you think of when you hear these words?

Hellbug: Sexy Time!

Alaska: Wasteland.

Amanda Rosewater: Hot. 

Datak Tarr: Little thug.

Volge: They’re good fried.

Terraforming: Trouble!

Fatherhood: Trouble!!!

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