Boyfriends of Instagram

“Boyfriends of Instagram” who go the extra mile for the perfect photo

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No Instagram-Girl leaves the shooting of her photos to chance. Behind every woman’s perfect shot is a loving partner with a smartphone in hand, following a detailed set of instructions

The chances are that your girlfriend is keen on the odd Instagram selfie, and every now and then she’ll ask you to take it for her. On the other hand, if you’re single, you’re bound to know all about this kind of thing from some of your mates complaining about it in the pub. Instagram-Girls like to be photographed in a range of candid poses, from performing yoga moves to riding a surfboard as a wave is about to hit.

Want the proof? “Boyfriends of Instagram” publishes images showing these doting lovers going to extreme lengths to capture the ultimate Insta-photo. Here are six of the craziest shots. 

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Get creative

You might find the perfect angle, but without a tripod to hand, you’re required to get creative. This father virtually did the splits, so that his partner could share her acrobatic skills on Instagram.

...So do you have any special talents?

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Two’s company, three’s a party

Three beautiful women lying on a bed… it’s the stuff most men can only dream of. Right? Well, it’s not all fun and games for this photographer, as he has to be focused on getting that perfect Instagram snap.

When ya misso has the girls around for a play date ...

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Surf’s up!

The things we do for love. Time and time again, boyfriends will risk phone and limb to capture the perfect surfing shot. Just try not to drop it in the water when the wave hits…

Ride or die babe 🤙🏽🤙🏽

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The triangle

Sometimes, Instagram-Girls like to bring their friends along to create some geometrically-influenced shapes for their beach snaps. This requires boyfriends to lie down on the sand to find the best angle.

Wow, so athletic... #fitspo

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“Raindrops keep falling on my head”

This young lady needed not one, but two men to get the perfect shot – one photographer and one umbrella holder. 

When ya mate tricks ya into umbrella duty 🤦🏽‍♂️

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Heavy lifting

Some photo tricks never grow old, apparently. This woman ordered her boyfriend to lie down on the pavement to give the illusion she was holding an entire building. 

...Oi nah, what's doing m8 #boyfriendsofinstagram #instagramboyfriend #kook

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