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The Hottest Fitness Fanatics on Instagram

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The lives of these Instagram bombshells seem to be built around one thing: working out - and it pays off. The Red Bulletin has found 7 of the hottest bods on Instagram

Squats, burpees, handstands, running, yoga, boxing, cardio, … Izabel Goulart’s day seems to be built around one thing: working-out. And so does the life of these other bombshells that happily show of their toned bodies on Instagram.

By the way, Iza once said that she finds men with a little bit extra around the waistline attractive - so you can breath a sigh of relief, and also breath out!


Iza Goulart, one of the most famous Brazilian models and a former Victoria’s Secret Angel, is probably the enemy of a lot of women around the globe. The hyperactive fitness enthusiast is a hit on Instagram as she shares her workout regimes. Her profile is definitely worth a look…

// @iza_goulart

Izabel Goulart 

One of Izabel Goulart’s favourite training-sessions is kick-boxing.

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Jen Selter

Jen Selter’s favourite pose: the “Belfie”

© Instagram // @jenselter


There is a reason why 5,8 million people follow her: Jen Selter is known for her glorious glutes. In comparison: Christiano Ronaldo has 14,5 million… 
The 21-year-old-American can now make a living out of proudly presenting her “Belfies” (a creative combination of the words butt and selfie.)

// @janselter 


Aussie personal trainer Kayla Itsines has taken the fitness-obsessed Instagramers by storm (currently 2,4 million. followers) – with her arduous online workout plan the 23-year-old has become the rising star of the global fitness community. Her body speaks for itself.

// @kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines

Currently 2,4 million followers are obsessed with Kayla’s workout-routine. 

Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk displays her flexibility. 

© Instagram // @amandabisk



Former pole vaulter Amanda Bisk shows off her incredible flexibility by doing striking yoga poses. Her profile has already attracted more than 273k followers – for a reason.

// @amandabisk


The bikini model from Southern California, known on Instagram as Rocky Barnes, has a crowd of 417k. Her favourite hobby: displaying the life of a real beach babe (plus her body, of course).

// @rocky_barnes

Rocky Barnes

Beach-Babe Rocky Barnes posing. 

© Instagram // @rocky_barnes

Bianca Chyeah

Check out Bianca Chyeah profile on Instagram

© Instagram // @biancamaychyeah


The Instagram profile of health enthusiast and fitness blogger (Sporteluxe.com) Bianca Chyeah shows the ultimate clean-living lifestyle featuring her stunning figure. 

// @biancamaychyeah


As the co-owner of the luxury swimwear-line “Lezard Swim”, Alyssa Julya Smith has dedicated her life to Bikinis…presenting them personally. 

// @alyssajs


Alyssa Julya Smith

Alyssa Julya Smith presenting her Bikinis

© Instagram // @alyssajs

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