Fotografía de Ren Hang

The world of photography today 

Photo above: Ren Hang

Photography was invented 175 years ago, It was a luxury, an almost magical pursuit. Now we’re all photographers, but the power of an image is as great and important as it ever was. This is the world of picture taking today. 
Fotógrafo Fred Murray


Talking about his photo of Danny MacAskill - “This is Danny MacAskill risking life and limb in Argentina, for the new film Epecuén. I can exclusively reveal he survived!”

twitter: @fredmurraybmx


Samo Vidic


“I really like taking pictures of mud and filth. Sadly, my camera likes it less”.

Fotografía de Jenny Odell


Talking about which monument looks better from space, “I think that The Bean (officially titled Cloud’s Gate, by Anish Kapoor) in Chicago looks the best because in it you can see the reflections of the buildings around it. 

On conspiracy theories concerning her cut-up Google Maps, “No, I haven’t proven or disproven anything, though there are definitely conspiracy theories about many of the things I cut out (particularly geoglyphs like the Long Man of Wilmington, with theories usually involving aliens).”

Fotografía de Ren Hang


“I can’t explain my photo. It doesn’t have a title. All my photos have no names, so no meaning is imposed on them.”

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