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Linking lines from music that mattered in the months of 2014 to create the true song of the year

January - Give me love, give me peace

Bruce Springsteen, High Hopes
All-new take on former live favourite has spot-on New Year sentiments.

February - Take flight to the moon

Kid Cudi, Satellite Flight
Rap hat-tip to lunar-cy also contains genius line “Come get in my space whip!”

March - Happy Happy Happy

Pharrell Williams, Happy
Hit top of US charts this 
month; world clapped 
along, as seen on YouTube.

April - No money, no family.

Iggy Azalea, Work
Retort to Pharrell – why we can’t be happy all the time – as reality rap report.

May - Good lover, good lover

Lily Allen, L8 CMMR
Such a man exists, she sings, but ladies can’t have him cos he’s her husband.

June - The only time we really talk

Tiësto, Wasted
You can only connect with the Dutch 
DJ while disrobing pre-sex. Who knew.

July - Walking along on a sandy beach  

La Roux, Paradise Is You
Opens nice like this, but it’s Music To Blame Your Other Half For Your Misery By.

August - Hunt you down eat you alive

Maroon 5, Animals
But isn’t frontman Adam Levine a vegan? Oh, this is sexy talk, is it? Fair enough.

September - Sex, sex, sex

Lenny Kravitz, Sex
Would you believe it! This line is about hunting and eating like animals!

October - It seems like forever

OK GO, The Writing’s On The Wall
A refrain in a cheery ditty about one final roll in the hay before breaking up.

November - Standing on the edge of a revolution

Nickelback, Edge Of A Revolution
Who needs Twitter when Canadian rock monsters can take the world’s pulse?

December - Last Christmas

Wham!, Last Christmas
And the one before that, and every one from now until the end of Christmas.

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