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Gadget Flops: Even the biggest companies get it wrong occasionally
apple newton 

Named after the mathematician and English philosopher Isaac Newton, this gadget was a thing of the past very quickly. The iPad of 1993 had an annoying stylus, poor handwriting recognition and near useless processing power. The production was stopped just 5 years after the development.



Who knew that the iPad would be so successful after a number of failed attempts?

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Sony betamax 

Better than VHS, but it lost the 1980s battle for global video dominance. Maybe they should have called it Alphamax.


Still far from Blu-Ray

Microsoft zune 

The iPod wannabe wasn’t user-friendly due to complicated copyright rules. But now it’s becoming a cult item.

Microsoft zune

Who knew the words Microsoft and cult would be used in the same sentence…

© Douglas Evans

Sony minidisc

If you grew up in the ’90s then you will remember this one as being “the next big thing” thanks to its smaller size in comparison to a CD player and anti-skip function - which was a big thing if you have ever tried to jog with a CD player… 

Launched by Sony in 1992, the MiniDisc never proved to be the hit everyone expected due to software limitations. The arrival of the MP3 signalled the beginning of the end. Popularity in Japan did keep it going on a minor scale, but Sony officially ceased shipping devices in 2013. 


Have you ever heard of the MiniDisc?


Apple watch

According to some experts, the new Apple Watch is going to fail for several reasons. You need an iPhone 5 or better to make this gadget fully funtional, and the “wow” factor already seems to be wearing off. Only time will tell if this one will be an iPad or a Newton for Apple. 

Apple Watch

Will Apple’s new product of be a success or failure?


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