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My life in games: Brynley Gibson

As PlayStation VR prepares to bring immersive entertainment to the masses, the executive producer of one of its launch titles walks us through his world. Extra: The best Pokémon GO hunting tools

My latest game: PlayStation VR Worlds

Brynley Gibson
Gibson’s TOP TIP

“This may seem like stating the obvious, but remember to look all around when playing VR Worlds – you never know what you might see. People often forget to do that. When you do, you’ll really find yourself transported to a different world”

Virtual reality; 2016; PS4

With this five-game collection for PlayStation VR, we wanted to create unique experiences that would wow people. In VR Luge, you’re inches off the floor, hurtling down a Californian hillside; The London Heist puts you in your own Guy Ritchie film; Ocean Descent pits you against great white sharks; Danger Ball is a futuristic sport; and in Scavengers Odyssey you’re a three-fingered alien pilot. The common thread of the anthology is not a theme, but VR itself. Out on October 13

Games in this article:

  • The Movies
  • Batman
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Pokémon Go

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The first game I worked on: The Movies

Simulation; 2005; PC/Mac

This was my first job in games after university. In The Movies, the player had to run a studio from the dawn of cinema to the present day, building sets, commissioning scripts and releasing movies while looking after egotistical stars. You could even make little movies and post them online. It was ahead of its time and won a BAFTA, but wasn’t such a hit commercially.

The Movies

THE First game I ever played: Batman

Action-adventure; 1986; ZX Spectrum/Amstrad PCW/CPC

At home I’d play Manic Miner and Sopwith Camel, but a friend of mine owned an Amstrad, so I spent a lot of time round there playing this game, based on the first movie. With hindsight it was pretty terrible, but it was Batman, so we loved it. Gamers were more forgiving back then. 

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The game that most inspired me: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Action RPG; 1998; Nintendo 64

For me, this is the perfect game – a huge leap from the previous, 2D Zelda title. You were in this glorious 3D world with swords, loot, time travel, and the catchiest music you’ll hear in a windmill.

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My current favourite game: Pokémon Go

Augmented reality; 2016; iOS/Android

This is the most fun I’ve ever had with GPS gaming, other than geocaching with friends. You have to walk around the real world, hunting for Pokémon using your phone’s camera. Then, when you spot one on the street, you lob a Pokéball at it to add it to your collection.

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