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At this year’s VMAs, Kanye West announced his plans to run for US President in 2020. Ambitious, perhaps, but he’s not the first musician to dream of leading his country 

1. Ignacy Jan Paderewski 

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After a recital at the White House during WWI, the composer persuaded US President Woodrow Wilson to support Polish independence. He became his country’s Prime Minister in 1919. 

2. Jello Biafra 

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Having unsuccessfully run for Mayor of San Francisco in 1979, the punk veteran and Dead Kennedys singer set his eye on nomination as a Green Party presidential candidate in 2000. The less controversial Ralph Nader got the ticket instead. 

3. Wyclef Jean 

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The Fugees rapper was so serious about his 2010 bid to become President of his home country, Haiti, he recorded an EP titled If I Were President: My Haitian Experience. In the end, he was ruled ineligible as he hadn’t spent enough time there. 

4. Youssou N’Dour

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The Senegalese singer has always been a political activist, working with the UNICEF and performing at charity concerts such as Live 8. In 2012 he announced that he’d run for president of his country. Sadly, he was disqualified because the court could not verify the signatures he had gathered to support his candidacy.

5. Sonny Bono

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Cher’s former husband and musical partner was elected as major of Palm Springs in 1988. He made it into the US Congress in 1994, a position he held until his death in 1998, following a skiing accident. We can only speculate, but rumour has it that it was Bono’s dream to run for president one day.

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