Coolest robots in movies

These are the droids you’re looking for: Hollywood’s coolest robots

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These marvellous movie machines will not only impress with their skills. Visually, they press all the right buttons

With seven billion people on the planet, it can’t hurt to have a few mechanical ones too. From February, the London Science Museum hosts a new exhibition granting visitors an insight into 500 years of the story of robots. Filmmakers too have always been fascinated with these independent metal beings. When Optimus Prime and Co. rumble onto our screens in a mash of lights and hardware, the auditorium holds its collective breath. Cinema has introduced movie buffs to some wonderful cast-iron characters over the years. We present five of the coolest Hollywood robots.

  • Optimus Prime
  • R2-D2
  • Chappie
  • Fembots
  • T-1000
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Optimus Prime

Film: Transformers series

Story: Optimus Prime was once among the tribal leaders of the planet Cybertron, home to a race of sophisticated robot people. As leader of the Autobots, he fights against the evils of the universe - especially their arch enemies, the Decepticons.

Skills: Ion blaster, sword

"When you look at the Stars think one of them as my soul" #optimusprime #transformers

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Film: Star Wars series

Story: Together with his friend C-3PO, this metallic sidekick often gets Luke Skywalker and Co. out of sticky situations. The idiosyncratic droid has a whole series of skills and as a mechanic and co-pilot, R2-D2 supports his hero companions in the fight against the Empire.

Skills: Enormous technical knowledge base, electroshock multi-tool.

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Film: Chappie

History: Chappie is another machine coupled with artificial intelligence. Initially very shy, he soon develops into a proper gangster. Like a modern day “Johnny 5” from Short Circuit, the star of this South African movie thrilled robot fans worldwide.

Skills: Pistols, rifles, ninja stars and more.

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Film Austin Powers series

History: Great to look at but not without danger. Dr. Evil unleashes the seductive Fembots on Mike Myers’ British superspy Austin Powers but the secret agent has an unconventional way of defending himself against their charms.

Skills: Chest cannons.

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Name: T-1000 

Film: Terminator 2 - Judgment Day

History: The menacing T-1000’s shapeshifting abilities are more than impressive in James Cameron’s cinematic masterpiece. Thanks to its liquid metal, it makes life exceptionally difficult for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Could this type of nanotechnology be in today’s world with real robots? We can only hope they’re a little more peaceful than this Terminator, or it’ll be “Hasta la vista” for all of us. 

Skills: Can assume any shape.

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