5 reasons why you should watch the new Deadpool movie 

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and why the wisecracking, fourth-wall breaking antihero should be your new favourite superhero

Forget the Avengers, Batman, Superman and all the rest. There is only one hero this world needs, and his name is Deadpool. The wisecracking, fourth-wall breaking, tight-spandex wearing “merc with the mouth” is set to steal your hearts (and probably your girl) this February when the film hits the big screens. Why should you be excited? Here’s why. 

Warning – This trailer contains violence and language that some may find inappropriate

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1. It is R Rated 

Finally, a superhero film that won’t be watering down to cater for a wider spectrum of the paying public. It may have caused some problems in China, and it has been given a 15 rating in the UK, but that is a small sacrifice for the greater good. Expect plenty of expletives and a hell of a lot of violence in Deadpool, something Ryan Reynolds and the filmmakers campaigned hard to be able to make happen. It just wouldn’t be right any other way. 

2. Reynolds has a point to prove 

The Canadian actor has not had the best of experiences with superheroes over the years. Blade Trinity was ok, the less said about Green Lantern the better, and nobody was more disappointed with the way Deadpool turned out in X-Men Origins: Wolverine than Reynolds himself. Since then, he has been campaigning non-stop to be able to bring a version of the character to the screen that the fans actually want to see, and based on the footage we’ve seen so far and the buzz coming from Reynolds, this may well be the case. 

3. The marketing campaign has been a master class 

From the 12 days of Deadpool, to the Valentines Day poster (above) which has convinced women around the world to go with their other half to watch this film, the SkullpoopL billboards and Reynold’s own Twitter account, this campaign has been nigh on perfect. Take note Hollywood!   

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4. The film isn’t afraid to have fun 

It kind of feels like 20th Century Fox have just sat down and gone “f**k it, let’s give the fans what they want”. The combination of an R rating and Reynolds seemingly having free reign to do as he sees fit, means the filmmakers are having fun with it, and if the trailers are anything to go by, then Deadpool is going to be full of fourth-wall breaking humour and very very rude jokes – just like the comics. 

5. The suit is not animated 

Hallelujah, praise the lord! And from the footage we’ve seen so far, it seems as if the special effects are going to be kept as realistic as possible as well, so hopefully we won’t have to endure Mr. Pool fighting an aggressive intergalactic cloud or another invasion of generic aliens/robots/evil army etc etc. Our fingers are crossed! 

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