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After a bit of a bumpy road, the Northern Irish indie-rock band “Two Door Cinema Club“ are now riding a wave of success. Here are five songs that have inspired their career

The Northern Irish indie-rock band are riding a wave of success, but it hasn’t always been so. Originally called Life Without Rory, the trio entered a local band battle and came last.

They changed their name to Two Door Cinema Club and recorded Tourist History, the acclaimed debut album which scored lead singer Alex Trimble a solo at the London Olympics opening ceremony.

With their third album, Gameshow, about to be released, bassist Kevin Baird reveals his five most important songs

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The Specials: “A Message To You Rudy“

“I remember this song from being a kid in the back seat of my dad’s car. He literally owned only three or four cassettes: October by U2, a Van Morrison album and The Specials’ debut. I remember going, ‘Please, Dad, play The Specials!’ I just loved the way the guys sang and their accents. It just felt so cool and different. Also, I started playing the trombone because of the trombone solo in this song.”

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At The Drive-In: “Rolodex Propaganda“

“This was the soundtrack of my teenage years. Me and my bandmates grew up in a small town in Ireland that wasn’t a general stop on bands’ touring schedules, so instead we watched videos of rock bands like At The Drive-In. We would base our band’s live performances on how they played. This song in particular, I just love the energy and the craziness of it. It taught me a lot about writing songs.”

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Tom Petty: “I Won’t Back Down“

“He’s one of the best songwriters of all time. Take this song – it’s so uplifting and inspiring, it feels very suitable for the times we live in. There are many musicians who take all the glory for their past work, but Petty has been a great storyteller, varying themes and not rehashing himself throughout his career. He strikes me as someone who still absolutely loves it. In that sense, he’s also a big inspiration.”

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Todd Terje: “Ragysh“

“A few years ago, we were playing a festival in the US and James Murphy [LCD Soundsystem] was DJing after us. This track from his set blew my mind and started my passion for Scandinavian space-disco artist Todd Terje. This nine-minute tune is dance music at its best. On the surface, not many changes are happening, but if you hear it in a club, these subtle movements turn into peaks that make you go nuts.”

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ANOHNI: “4 Degrees“

“I find myself grinding through so much new music that I’ll never come back to, but this song stood out immediately. I love the electronic textures, the way that ANOHNI approaches global warming without being preachy. It’s the most refreshing protest song I’ve heard in a long time. It’s similar to the lyrical approach on our new album, voicing opinions instead of singing about break-ups and having a great time.”


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