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Travel the Seven Kingdoms and visit the real-life shooting locations for some of the most iconic Game of Thrones destinations 

Their pilgrimages in Game of Thrones are epic, as are the TV shooting locations for the lands of fire and ice. And for good reason. Westeros is a complicated world and GOT has one of the most ambitious filming schedules of pretty much any TV show ever made, simultaneously covering different continents for a single episode.

Primed for serious adventure-seekers, these wish-list filming spots should go on your bucket list right now.

1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

This baroque city on the Adriatic checks all the boxes for dream destination: adventure, beautiful beaches, beautiful people, history, culture, and delectable food.

Begin your trip to Dubrovnik — stand-in for Kings Landing, capital of the seven kingdoms — with a Viator walking tour of GoT locations that meanders through the UNESCO-listed Old Town.

The adventure factor can be taken up a notch by climbing the historic walls. Dozens of tour operators offer the two-hour walk high up on the city’s medieval fortifications, but it’s just as easy to do on your own. 

Dubrovnik from above

© Croatian Tourism Board, Damir Fabijanić

Insider tip:

End your day at Buza beach, a rocky strand right at the foot of the walls where both male and female sunbathers are very lax about covering up.

2. Northern Ireland

Make Belfast your home for a few nights to explore the land of the Starks and many of the Winterfell shooting locations (easy to do with the aptly named Winterfell Tours). The Castle Ward demesne was used extensively for filming 20 different locations.

Insider Tip: 

Want to fulfill a dream and meet the actual direwolves? Then you’re in the right place. You can have the pleasure of visiting brothers Odin and Thor, a pair of Northern Inuit dogs used during filming, but don’t forget to book in advance. 

The Azure Window on the Maltese island of Gozo

© Giovanni Maroni

3. Gozo, Malta

A wildly popular spot with scuba divers, the Azure Window on Gozo’s northwestern coastline served as the backdrop for Daenerys’ and Drogo’s raucous Dothraki wedding. In addition to being home to many GOT locations (most of season one was filmed on Malta and Gozo), Gozo draws serious divers with its caves, caverns, and shipwrecks. Check in with the Scuba Kings for a variety of trips around the Mediterranean sister islands of Gozo, Malta, and Comino.

Insider Tip:

While in the islands, indulge in some of the best wines you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The Maltese don’t export their wines (they drink it all themselves, or so they say) and a few euros will get you enough to feel like one of the Lannisters. 

The fortified city of Ait Ben Haddou in Morocco

© Singa Hitam

4. Morocco

The savvy traveller knows to exit Marrakesh as quickly as possible to experience the real Morocco. Depart the crowded city early in the morning to cross through the imposing High Atlas Mountains and into the Ounila Valley to reach the red citadel of Ait-Ben-Haddou, a fortified city on the ancient Saharan caravan route and the setting for the fictional city of Yunkai where Daenarys famously took on the slavers.

Head back north and settle into the walled beach town of Essaouira, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and the fictional city of Astapor, the Red City and home of the Unsullied eunuch army.

Insider Tip:

Take advantage of the strong trade winds in Essaouira, which make the Atlantic coast popular with extreme sports fanatics the world over for both wind and kite surfing.


The Gardens of Alcazar in Spain

© Tilo 2006

5. Seville, Spain

There are few palaces as perfect as Spain’s Alcázar to truly make Westeros come alive. Blending Moorish, Gothic, and Renaissance styles, this fortress with its cool courtyards and gold shimmering dome is the backdrop for the Water Gardens of the House of Martel. 

Insider Tip:

Embrace Spanish culture by sleeping late, exploring the rich history by day, taking a late-afternoon siesta, and then dancing until dawn with the locals.

The far reaches of Vatnajökull park in Iceland

© Richard Whitaker

6. Iceland

To get beyond the Wall you’ll need to head to Iceland, one of the most barren and remote locations on the planet. Don’t worry about running into any White Walkers, but dangerous conditions — volcanic eruptions, avalanches, unpaved roads, and notoriously unpredictable weather — make any visit to the Icelandic backcountry an adventure. Sign up for a tour with local guide Jon Thor Benediktsson who guided the GOT crew during filming for the third season. 

Insider Tip:

You can rent your own 4x4 for a self-driving exploration along the country’s 800-mile Ring Road (the single road that circumnavigates the island) to visit Iceland’s largest ice cap, 3,200-square-mile Vatnajökull glacier, which is the backdrop for many of the icy battles between the Night’s Watch and the wildlings.

scotland game of thrones

Explore the Scottish countryside on a self-guided adventure

© Pixabay

7. Scotland

Both Scotland and Winterfell are known for their strong drink and stronger women. The perfect starting point for your Scottish adventure has to be Doune Castle, a medieval stronghold and one of the sets for Winterfell. 


Insider Tip: 

Once you’ve toured the castle and Instagrammed to your heart’s content, then make like Arya Stark and head off alone into the countryside on a self-guided bothy adventure. A bothy is the ruins of any old building in the Scottish countryside remade as a basic shelter for trekkers and campers. Plot your trip using the guide from the Mountain Bothies Association.

Like every Scotsman, every bothy has its own unique story and personality. Bring your own food, your own Scotch whiskey, and a story to share — and you’ll find friends for life sitting around the fire.

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