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7 “Christmas” Films Every Man Should Have Seen 

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the greatest “Christmas” films every man should watch to get you in the spirit of the season… 

It’s that time of year again, when our senses are bombarded with Christmas carols, tacky shopping centre decorations and repeats en masse of some of the cheesiest Christmas movies ever made. With this picture in mind, you can be forgiven for not feeling the spirit of the season just yet, but fear not, we have just the recipe to warm the heart of every man the world over: Action, explosions, fighting and lots of boom! Okay, so we admit it, we’ve used the term “Christmas” a little loosely here, but all of these films do at least have the occasional Christmas reference to remind you of the season!  

1. Die Hard and Die Hard 2  

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A Christmas list for men would not be a Christmas film list for men without John McCLane’s dirty sweaty vest and cheap puns. Hans Gruber really knows how to be a party pooper as he crashes the Christmas shindig at the Nakatomi Plaza, forcing John into action. Xmas doesn’t come easily for McClane in the sequel either… 

2. Gremlins

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A last-minute Christmas gift almost dooms a small city in one of the greatest comedy/horrors ever made. When Billy accidentally gets his pet mogwai wet, a mischievous band of critters run riot on Kingston Falls at Christmas time, leaving chaos and destruction behind them. Kind of like the transformation your “favourite“ aunt undertakes after she’s had one too many during Christmas dinner. 

3. Batman Returns

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It’s Batman, at Christmas. Why should you watch it? Because it’s BATMAN, AT CHRISTMAS!

4. Lethal Weapon

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Lethal Weapon is up there with the best of the buddy cop action films and just oozes 1980’s Hollywood in every scene. From Mel Gibson’s wise-cracking, face-punching badassery to Donald Glover’s “I’m too old for this sh*t“ badassery, this film has everything an action fan could want, and yes, it is full of Christmassy feeling as well, even if the L.A. location and relatively warm weather make it hard to believe.

5.Rocky IV

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Greatest Christmas sports movie of all time? The only Christmas sports movie of all time? We’re not sure. In any case, this one has to be in the list simply because of the fact that the fight takes place on Christmas Day, and by winning, Rocky effectively ends the Cold War. There’s also that creepy little relationship between Pauli and the ’80s robot of the future…

Long Kiss Goodnight

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The German name for this film is “Deadly Christmas“ so it has to about the holiday season, right? Gina Davis plays an assassin who gets amnesia and goes about kicking-ass to protect her family until she gradually gets back her memory, all around Christmas time. 


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Okay, so there isn’t much Christmas spirit in this one, but it is set around Christmas, if you look closely you can see a Christmas tree in the background while John is at the police station. Good enough for us… 

Bonus Round! Bad Santa 

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Billy Bob Thornton refuses to embrace the spirit of the season in one of the best Christmas comedies made for adults. It’s dirty, at times depressing but also full of laughs and a touch of the Christmas hope. The full package. 

Christmas Horror Story - Jingle All The Way

No, this is not a children’s comedy. It is a horror film, the worst situation any parent wants to find themselves in. What can we learn from it? Go shopping for 2017 in January probably…

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