"The Night Before" - one of the 7 funniest Christmas movies

the funniest Christmas movies

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“Office Christmas Party” is out now. Can this festive flick join the ranks of the best Christmas comedies?

This time of year is usually earmarked for schmaltzy cinema releases to tap into the warm and fuzzy Yuletide feeling.

But every now and then, you can find a story among the Christmas films that pulls on the funny bone instead of our heartstrings. One such movie is Office Christmas Party.
The Story: Businesswoman Carol Vanstone wants to close the branch office of her party animal brother Clay. To impress a potential client and to save their jobs, he and his colleagues plan the most epic Christmas night ever. But of course, things quickly get completely out of hand.

The Cast: Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn are just three reasons this movie is not to be missed.

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Here are six other comedies that are guaranteed to put you in a jolly Christmas mood:

  • The Night Before
  • Bad Santa
  • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
  • Santa with Muscles
  • A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
  • Scrooged
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The Night Before

The Story: Ethan, Isaac and Chris have been friends since high school. On Christmas Eve, they meet every year to paint New York red. With work, family, and getting older putting an end to the tradition, happening upon tickets to the season’s biggest party gives them one last night on the town.  
The Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie as best friends who set out to make it to the most hopping party of the year.

Bad Santa

The Story: Every Christmas, fraudsters Willie T. Soke and his assistant Marcus work as Santa Claus and Elf to rob another department store. By chance, Willie comes across chubby boy Thurman before befriending him and his senile grandmother.
The Cast: Billy Bob Thornton as a permanently drunk, cursing Santa Claus and his sidekick Tony Cox are definitely on the naughty list.

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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The Story: Hapless Clark Griswold must overcome a sleigh-load of disastrous events to give his family a Christmas to live long in the memory. Mission accomplished, we would say.
The Cast: Chevy Chase is the father in the cult classic. Johnny Galecki and Juliette Lewis star as the children Rusty and Audrey in the third instalment of the Vacation series, while Randy Quaid plays fan favourite Cousin Eddie.

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Santa with Muscles

From the category: “So bad it’s funny.”
The Story: Millionaire Blake Thorne is chased by police when a paintball game goes awry. To escape, he hides in the mall of his hometown with the help of a Santa Claus costume. When an accident causes him to lose his memory, he starts to believe he really is the big guy. As “Santa with Muscles” he is a local celebrity who comes to the rescue of an orphanage.
The Cast: Hulk Hogan is the sleeveless Santa, while a very young Mila Kunis plays an orphan.

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A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

The Story: In the third part of the “Harold & Kumar” series, the two heroes have lost sight of one another. Six years after their escape from Guantanamo Bay, Kumar suddenly turns up at Harold’s door and accidentally sets his father-in-law’s Christmas tree on fire. With a mysterious parcel on board, the pair head for New York City to find the perfect replacement.
The Cast: John Cho and Kal Penn as Harold and Kumar hit the road running into Danny Trejo and Patton Oswalt, among others.

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The classic tale A Christmas Carol retold as the Bill Murray show!

The Story: Frank Cross is the miserly TV executive planning a live Christmas Eve broadcast of the Charles Dickens story, forcing his staff to work for the holiday. As the preparations count down, he is visited by three ghosts who force him to change his Scrooge-like ways.  

The Cast: Bill Murray is at his brilliant best playing Frank Cross and he’s joined by Karen Allen as his love interest, Alfre Woodard as his assistant, and a host of famous cameos.

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