Keep cool this summer

7 tips on how to keep cool this summer 

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Intolerably hot sun ruining your chilled beach vibe might be a good complaint we all want this summer. Nevertheless to ensure things don’t get too heated, these gadgets will help you keep your cool

It sounds ideal but relentless heat from the sun can turn a slice of heaven into holiday hell. Like almost everything else, preparation is everything. Having these little gizmos to hand will get you through when that heatwave hits. 

Smartphone fan

This smartphone accessory might be little but it can have a big impact in the battle against the burn. The fit will depend on the phone model but we don’t recommend simultaneous calls. 

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Ice cold beer

It’s an age-old problem. Those first disgusting sips of a warm beer can taste like someone’s sweaty feet. This little stick device could rescue generations of beer drinkers who otherwise would have to toss that drink aside. 

Liquid refreshment

Could you imagine this when you’re getting hot and flustered busting a groove on a dance floor? Depending on the design, systems are available from low-budget prices up to a small fortune. But how much is keeping your cool worth?

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Cooling pillow

Is there anything worse than trying to sleep when the weather is warm and sticky?  Between tossing and turning, it’s a constant struggle with the Sandman. This remedy could cool your mind with its combination of gel layers and air ducts. The result? Chilled-out dreams.

Slushy maker

Slushies always look like a piece of ice-crushed heaven in the summer heat. With this ingenious device, you can make your own from almost any drink. Let your imagination run wild with flavours while your taste buds chill out.     

Bedtime ventilator

Heat between the sheets isn’t always a good thing. And even in stifling hot weather, some of us still want the comfort of a cover. This helper provides cool conditions under which any nocturnal activity can be followed up with the perfect sleep experience. 

© YouTube // Brookstone Inc.

USB Air Conditioner

This little brother of those monster conditioning systems in hotels and offices has a big advantage: it’s virtually impossible to feel too cold. Now everywhere you go, you can always take the cool weather with you. 

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