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Women we’d like to see as the next Bond girl 

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Anyone who knows Bond, knows that he wouldn’t be much without his women.  But who has what it takes to steal Bond’s heart in the future, or even be the next Miss Moneypenny? 

Imogen Poots (1989, London)

This talented British actress wins major points for her natural charm and elegant presence. The lady with the perfect Bond name has worked with some of the most talented directors like Richard Linklater and Terrence Malick, and she’s also not afraid of having a strong male lead, acting alongside the likes of Colin Farell, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Christian Bale.

Gal Gadot (1985, Israel)

Gal Gadot

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Israeli model Gal Gadot got her first big break in the high-octane action series Fast and Furious and her career has been on the rise ever since. She’ll be starring as the iconic Wonder Woman in Zack Snyder’s Superman V Batman, could she also be Bond’s new wonder woman? 

Mélanie Laurent (1983, France)

Mélanie Laurent

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French beauty Mélanie Laurent first caught our eye in Tarantino’s war homage Inglorious Basterds where she stole the show as the femme fatale. Since then she has been proving her flexibility with roles like the Oscar-nominated drama Beginners and the psycho-thriller Enemy, and proved that she can handle the big names, working alongside Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer and Jake Gyllenhaal

Christina Hendricks

How is it possible that one of the sexiest women in Hollywood hasn’t yet been offered a part in a 007 film? The Mad Men actress may have appeared in a Visa advert with former Bond Pierce Brosnan when she was 18, but she’s still waiting for a role as a mysterious double agent with a suggestive first name and a gun in her bra. A crime if ever there was one.


Carice van Houten (1976, Holland)

Carice Van Houten

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Dutch actress Carice Van Houten has yet to leave a lasting impression on the big screen, but she has won many fans through her role as Melisandre in Games of Thrones. Her natural beauty, sexuality and mystery make her the perfect candidate as a woman Bond may fall for. 

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