Anthony Gethin talks about how Game of Thrones should end

Gethin Anthony on who should sit on the Iron Throne in the end

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“Renly Baratheon”, former king of Westeros (until the shadow baby got the better of him) chatted to us at the TV Festival in Monte Carlo about how he thinks Game of Thrones will end

For a long time it looked like Renly Baratheon (played by Gethin Anthony) would be the heir to the throne of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. But a certain red priestess and his own brother Stannis made sure that he wouldn’t survive the second season of fantasy hit Game of Thrones.

We met Gethin Anthony, who is playing another very interesting character in Aquarius (namely Charles Manson) these days, about how he thinks Game of Thrones will end and who will sit on the Iron Throne when it is all over. Here is what he thinks …


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THE RED BULLETIN: You played GOT’s King Renly Baratheon. Now you are playing Charles Manson in Aquarius. How do you prepare for different roles? Do you listen to a lot of music from that time? Do you read (history) books?

ANTHONY GETHIN: Music very often is great to get into character. So there is music. Sometimes I create an art book, draw with crayons etc. With Renly (Baratheon) I wrote stories - poetry and stories - about the love affair he had with Loras Tyrell (played by Finn Jones). So that was writing. But with Aquarius music was such a big integral part of the show.

What’s your take: How will Game of Thrones end?

Valar Morghulis: All men must die! That means all the women will take over and it will probably be a much more peaceful place.

And who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end?



Well, this is the thing: I am about four episodes behind. So I might say something that is really silly. But speaking for Renly I would really like Brienne on the throne. And Arya Stark and Bran could be her small council. How about that? 

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