These musicians make their own beer

These musicians make their own beer

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These bands don’t just make sweet music. When it comes to toasting their own success, they’ve come up with the perfect drink, their own

The large beer companies no longer dominate the market when it comes to the juice of the barley. Micro-breweries are now all the rage and the people trying their hand at producing their own drink come from some surprising sources. 

1980s cult singer Rick Astley has swapped pop music for popping bottles. The man known for the “Never Gonna Give You Up” hit and the internet trend of ‘rickrolling’ partnered with Danish brewer Mikkeler to produce a fruity pilsner lager which he hopes will be in the running to top the beer charts. Astley even asked his Facebook followers for advice about what name he should give his creation.

Rick Astley - I went to the dark side, created a beer and... | Facebook

I went to the dark side, created a beer and Munchies Danmark caught it all on camera! Anyone got any suggestions for a name?

The English singer is not the first musician to prefer his own beer backstage instead of the usual choices. You can find plenty of drinks behind the world’s bar counters created by these massive bands.

  • Queen
  • Kid Rock 
  • AC/DC
  • Iron Maiden
  • Motörhead
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In celebration of the 40th anniversary of their iconic anthem “Bohemian Rhapsody” in 2015, Queen released their own brand of beer. The band’s logo on the bottle’s label was a Freddie Mercury creation drawn by the late showman during his time at Ealing Art College in London.

Counter Talk: The “Bohemian Lager” is a Czech beer made with local ingredients and is rather appropriately brewed in Bohemia.



Kid Rock

Kid Rock has consumed one or two beers in his lifetime so the US singer should know what constitutes a decent cold one. The “Badass” lager is a collaboration with the Michigan Brewing Company.

Counter Talk: The light beer, which apparently packs a surprising punch, is, according to the company, in true redneck style “perfect for backyard barbecues, cases on the pontoon or a keg on the porch.”

BADASS American Lager is back tomorrow at DTE ...

BADASS American Lager is back tomorrow at DTE Energy Music Theater. Only $4's a beer. For More information:


If you wanna rock hard, you need the right beer.” Since 2013, AC/DC have brought their premium pilsener to the thirsty man under this slogan. The band proudly proclaims that their beer is brewed according to German purity law, thanks to a partnership with the Karlsberg brewery in Saarland. 

Counter Talk: The “Rock or Bust” beer comes in 568ml cans - a typical Australian size for the hard rockers from Oz. And to rinse it down, you can even get a new “Thunderstruck Tequila”, available since 2016.

Are you ready for a good time Then get ready for

Are you ready for a good time Then get ready for the Beer line..... Cheers!

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Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden have sold more than 90 million albums in their career, so producing their own beer was undoubtedly a labour of love, rather than for any lack of money. “The Trooper” is dedicated to the song of the same name, a live performance favourite. It was created by singer Bruce Dickinson together with the cult British brewery Robinsons. Dickinson pursued the project with his heart and soul, even missing rehearsals on occasion.

Counter Talk: The British ale consists of three different varieties of hops: Slovak Bobek, English Golding, and Cascade from the United States, and the drink boasts a slight citrus flavour.

© Vimeo // Trooper


If the late singer and bassist of Motörhead, Lemmy, were still alive, he might not have downed many bottles of his own beer as he was known more for his fondness of whisky. But that’s no reason not to go into the beer business. Since 2012, the Motörhead “bastard stock” has been available to buy.

Counter Talk: Not only can Motörhead throw a party musically, but they can stock the bar too. Over the years, the English rockers have built up a portfolio of beers, wines, cider, vodka and, yes, even whisky.

SWEDEN: Summer is coming we heard, why not grab

SWEDEN: Summer is coming we heard, why not grab a cold beer? Photo credits to Fabien Querrec. #motörheadbeer Buy Motörhead Bastards Lager in Sweden: Find your beer retailer here:

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