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Selah Sue - “Live in the moment”

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Belgian singer-songwriter Selah Sue on battling depression, the school of hard knocks and why you can’t learn about life through books 

THE RED BULLETIN: You had a hit song on your latest album called “Fear Nothing”. What are you afraid of?

SELAH SUE: Quite a lot of things. Fear was the main reason for my depression. I suffered a lot of psychological issues and I had to take medication. It’s almost like a disease and so many of my friends also have to take Xanax to be calm. It is weird though, because fear is a natural thing. Every animal knows it. You just need to be able to control it, and that can be a very difficult thing to do. 

How did you battle your depression?

I went through a lot of therapy and eventually took medication, which helped me a lot. It is still a part of me though, I think it is genetic. My grandparents on both sides were psychiatric patients. But I am really thankful for that experience, because I am now much wiser and know exactly who I am, and I can put things in perspective. I can enjoy the good moments much more.

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What makes you happy?

Nature calms me down. I love it when the sun shines for example. It is so honest. Children in a way, as well. My boyfriend has two children. They are so small and honest. And I love sports. It makes me physically and mentally balanced. I enjoy jogging in nature. 

Which flavour captures your personality best?

Maybe something bittersweet. I am a very up and down kind of person. I can be very positive and happy with everything one moment, and then the next day the world will be a different place and all I can think about is how unhappy and unlucky I am. But I think that it is just my personality. I also like to analyse why I am like this. 

You studied psychology. Did you do it to help yourself analyse things?

No, that’s a cliché. I think you learn much more by just getting older and having the experience of life than by books.

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So what valuable lessons have you learnt from the school of life? 

I have learnt self-control. Things have been pretty extreme in my personal life, and I think things would have ended pretty badly if I had let my emotions dictate my decisions. I have had to learn that the hard way. 

How would you say you live your life?

I definitely try to live in the moment. In this job it is much more easy to live like that. 

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