Too cool for an Award

Illustrations: Ryan Inzana

They’ve given us classic moments that will go down in history and yet they didn’t win an Oscar. We honour them here

Brutally good

“The first rule of FIGHT CLUB is: you do not talk about Fight Club.” The Oscars voters agreed and overlooked Brad Pitt, who was magnificent, malevolent and never better.

Fight club

IMDb Fact: David Fincher claimed in an interview in UK film magazine Empire, that there is a Starbucks coffee cup visible in every shot in the movie 

If hips could kill

In PULP FICTION, Uma Thurman and John Travolta made one of cinema’s finest couplings, even though they weren’t a couple. Celluloid history ensued; little gold men did not.

Pulp Fiction

IMDb Fact: The movie cost $8 million to make, $5 million of which went to pay the actors’ salaries

I’ll be back!

Three words was all it took for Arnie to write cinema history in THE TERMINATOR . And what did the Academy go and do? They didn’t even invite him to that year’s awards ceremony.


IMBd Fact: Arnie’s famous debut line ‘I’ll be back’ was originally scripted as ‘I’ll come back’

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