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10 athletes you didn’t know were in Hollywood blockbusters

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What do top athletes do when they’ve achieved everything in their sport? They conquer Hollywood! Here are the 10 best cameos from some of the greatest sports stars in the world

Neymar is the latest megastar from the world of sports to venture into film with his cameo in xXx - Return Of Xander Cage, and it certainly seems to have stolen some of the limelight, with the appearance even being given trailer time. 


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But how does his little stunt in Vin Diesel’s new action flick compare to other cameos over the years? Read on and find out. 

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10 - Dan Marino
Bad Boys 2 and Ace Ventura

© YouTube // Antony Napoli

Dan Marino is a legend in Miami, so it was a no-brainer to cast him in a film about the team’s dolphin going missing. Laces out, Dan! OK, so you probably knew about his Ace Ventura appearance, but did you also know he was in Bad Boys 2? The NFL MVP of 1984 finds himself in the middle of the action with Smith and Lawrence, but why? Because it was also set in Miami! 

9 - Lance Armstrong

© YouTube // zawieszony1969

You know the feeling: you’re in the middle of a dodgeball tournament and you just want to give up. Thank God for Lance Armstrong and his motivational speeches. He may have since had his seven Tour de France titles revoked, but no one can take away this role alongside Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn. 

8 - Brett Favre
There's Something About Mary

© YouTube // cottonmouthblog

Another American Footballer, another athlete cameo in a Ben Stiller film. Everyone was crazy for Mary in this 1998 comedy, even Brett Favre.

7 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

© YouTube // Gera Sport 

He’s a six-time NBA Champion, 19-time All Star, six-time MVP and the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with 38,387 points. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is without doubt one of the greatest basketball players ever. But did you know he also lived a secret double life as co-pilot Roger Murdock?  



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6: Tom Brady
Ted 2

© YouTube //  Movie Scenez 

Want to get your idol’s autograph? Then maybe try the Ted 2 technique. But try not to overstep the line, as you could find yourself in a perfect Tom Brady spiral. 

5: Raheem Sterling 

© YouTube // Best Movies Scenes

In an alternate universe, 2016 was the year Raheem Sterling guided England to the World Cup final and scored the winning goal against Germany with a little help from Nobby.  Maybe he’ll have more luck at the next World Cup. 

4: Clay Matthews, David Bakhtiari, Don Barclay, Josh Sitton, and T. J. Lang
Pitch Perfect 2

© YouTube // Gamers Passion

How do pro athletes actually get cameo roles? They ask! Well, that’s how things panned out for American Football star David Bakhtiari. The Green Bay Packers player simply tweeted Pitch Perfect star Alexis Knapp, declaring his fandom. The rest is cinematic history. 

3: John McEnroe
Mr. Deeds

© YouTube // FATV

John McEnroe was one of best tennis players of his generation, but he’s probably better known by many for his bad-boy antics and angry outbursts than anything else. He’s made a decent film and TV career out of it as well. One of his most well-known cameos came in Adam Sandler comedy Mr Deeds. Don’t forget leg day kids! 



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2: Mike Tyson
The Hangover

© YouTube // TheHangoverOfficiall

Mike Tyson’s cameo in The Hangover is perhaps one of the most-discussed pub chats ever. Would you rather wake up after a heavy night on the tiles with a tiger in your tub or an angry Mike in your living room singing Phil Collins? Discuss. 

1: David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Alan Shearer, Raúl, Howard Webb, Cristiano Ronaldo, Steven Gerrard and more 

© YouTube // andyharmer’s channel

OK, so it makes sense for a film about football to have plenty of footballers in it, but the sheer amount of cameos Goal manages to cram in is impressive. More than 50 of the world’s greatest make an appearance in this 2005 flick. AC/DC singer and Newcastle United fan Brian Johnson also gets in on the fun. 

Bonus: Usain Bolt

© YouTube // MTV International

The fastest man in the world has already declared his interest in playing a role in the film about the fastest man in the comic book world, and we’re very excited! You may have to look very carefully, though as this may be one of those blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. 



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