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The Red Bulletin talks to Hamburg-based duo Digitalism about their favourite parts of the city ahead of the release of their 3rd album, Mirage 

It’s been over 10 years since electro-duo Digitalism broke onto the scene with their infectious “Zdarlight”, a lot has happened since then, Nu-rave and dubstep came and (largely) went; hip-hop morphed into trap and EDM made pop stars out of dance DJs. But one thing hasn’t changed: the band’s love for Hamburg. 

With the Hamburg-based band set to release their third album Mirage, The Red Bulletin spoke to Jens Moelle and İsmail Tüfekçi about their favourite corners of the North German city. 


Digitalism’s new album Mirage will be out on May 13th 

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Best place to go for breakfast in Hamburg? 


What should people avoid… 

The Reeperbahn. Definitely the Reeperbahn! 


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A fun fact about your city not many people know?

Half of Hamburg, including St. Pauli, used to be Danish until 150 years ago. Altona was the second biggest city in Denmark back then.

It’s 5 am and you want to party more. Where do you go? 

It used to be Golden Pudel Club. There was a fire there earlier in the year and the future of the club is now very unclear. 

A Hidden treasure in your city is? 

Chinarestaurant Golden, Wartenau 4, Hamburg.

If you’re into music, where should you be hanging out to get your vinyl fix? 

Underground Solution/Word And SoundSmallville

Three words which some up your city 

Green, rich, water. 

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