Donnie Darko returns in 4K

Director Richard Kelly on Donnie Darko

Words: James Luxford

Fifteen years on, Donnie Darko remains a cult classic – hypnotically cool and underground. Director Richard Kelly looks back at the mad world he created

THE RED BULLETIN: How hard was it to get the film made?

RICHARD KELLY: The consensus was that it was impossible to produce. It became a mission to prove the narrative could be realised on screen, and that I could direct it. It was a daunting experience, but I felt I had been given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Someone had put up $4.5 million to realise this incredibly ambitious story, and everyone soon realised even that wasn’t enough. The timeline leading to the apocalypse in the film – the tangent universe – was 28 days, which was our exact shooting schedule. So we were almost living this apocalyptic narrative while making the film.

What convinced you Jake Gyllenhaal was right for the role?

I met him in Drew Barrymore’s office on Sunset Boulevard and had an instant gut reaction to his presence. He was at the right point, too – you want actors who feel they need the role as much as it needs them. Great actors like Jake act from a very instinctual level and know when the gravity is centred on a role.

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Why do you think the film remains so popular?

I think on an emotional level it’s the idea of feeling alienation, or not belonging to a level of expectation that society demands. A lot of that is fundamental to being a teenager, coming of age and realising the world is very disappointing. That feeling is much more mainstream than most popular culture presents.

A 4K restoration of Donnie Darko will be released on Blu-ray this month, accompanied by showings in selected cinemas

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How has its enduring appeal inspired you in your career?

I feel very honoured that people continue to discuss the film. It makes me want to continue to tell my own original stories and not surrender to the demands of the marketplace; complex stories that challenge audiences and stand the test of time. 

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