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Words: Florian Obkircher
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Elliphant’s new album features guest stars such as Major Lazer and MØ. Here the Swedish pop sensation lets loose on three of her favourite collaborators

Elliphant’s musical style is hard to describe. The Swedish singer effortlessly merges genres like dancehall, bubble pop, EDM and reggae and weaves them into a breezy, cherry-topped sound cocktail that works in both the nightclub and living room.

This balancing act between styles works so well on her new album “Living Life Golden” thanks to her collaborative genius. From Skrillex to Twin Shadow, TV On Radio’s David Sitek to Diplo, Elliphant has turned to the best of their craft to create a unique environment for her raspy voice. Here, the 30-year-old introduces us to three of her favourite collaborators. 


“We’ve been close friends for a while. Three years ago he reached out to me and came to Stockholm. I was still working at a restaurant at the time, so I’d come to his studio after work. We’d have dinner or just hang in the park and talk about life. It was really beautiful. During his week in Stockholm we made a lot of songs, many of them still haven’t been released yet.

“Spoon Me” was a song I wrote with Tommy Tysper, but we felt there was something missing. We thought it could be really cool to have another producer involved. We played it to Skrillex and he jumped on it and did gave it his touch. He’s such a chilled guy, really easy to work with. The way we usually work is to send songs back and forth. It’s very rare that we’re in the same place at the same time.”

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Diplo (Major Lazer)

“Working with Diplo is a bit more difficult than with Skrillex. He has this very boyish quality about him that sometimes makes me a little nervous when we’re working. Outside the studio I’m really chill with him, we had a lot of wild discussions. We just did a whole European tour together and we’re going to Pakistan soon for a show.

I often feel blank though when it comes to singing for him. I don’t really know what to do. The thing is, there are always other people around when we’re recording. He’s been making music for 15 years, he so experienced that he doesn’t care. He’s like la-la-la, making a beat, then he leaves the room and talks on the phone, then Frank Ocean or other DJs and producers come by for a spliff. It’s really hard to be professional in the same room as him. I just want to party and get drunk, haha.”

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Azealia Banks

“I wrote “Everybody” together with Dr. Luke and I thought, because of the title, it’d be nice to have more people on it. But it ended up being only Azealia, which turned out really well. I’ve always been really intrigued by her. I think she’s a very brave girl. She’s very opinionated, always putting herself out there and I admire her for that. I’m definitely on her side.

I didn’t know her at the time I reached out to her, but she said that she might record vocals for “Everybody”. We played at the same festival in Australia a little while after and I decided to meet her. She passed me with her big crew after her show and I said, ‘hi Azealia, I’m Elliphant.’ She was super-excited, we hung out and laughed a lot. At the end of the night she said, ‘I’m going back to America tomorrow and the first thing I’m going to do is record it.’ And she kept her promise! I really hope we find an opportunity to shoot a music video for “Everybody” together, that would be amazing.”


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