Foxes on how a phone call changed her life 

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Pop star Foxes would be a beauty therapist today if a phone call hadn’t changed her life. Follow your dreams, whatever the risk, she says

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THE RED BULLETIN: Is it true that you have a telephone call to thank for your music career?

FOXES: In a way, yes. I grew up in a small town and a lot of people thought it was ridiculous wanting to become a singer. The day before I started my training to be a beauty therapist, my sister rang to make an intervention. “Don’t be stupid,” she said to me. “Your thing is music!” She let me sleep on her sofa, so I moved to London and I went to music school. I am very thankful to her for believing in me.

That seems like a very brave move. Not a lot of people would abandon stability in order to chase their dream.

And that’s a shame because the world has so much more to offer. I think the world needs more people that are thinking outside the box. It needs people to believe that they can change things, that they can give something to the world that isn’t just getting a 9 to 5 job. I love living in London. I think the city makes you not feel comfortable and I think that’s important. You should constantly challenge yourself and that’s what London does to me.

Now you’re a Grammy-winning pop star. But weren’t you afraid to leave home at 18?

I was. But that was silly. If you can’t see a positive in the future of what you’re doing, don’t be afraid to quit and move on. Pursue your dreams, even if that means risking failure.

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Isn’t that easy to say in your current position?

No. Stability only brings a certain type of happiness. You have to follow your passion or you’ll regret it forever.

Can you elaborate on that?

If you can’t see a positive in the future of it, then I think you should leave it. If you’re not enjoying something, you’re not going to be the best you can be at it. You got to move on from it and put your energy into something that you do enjoy and something you are going to be your best at.

Foxes’ new album All I Need is out on February 5th.

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