My life in games: DAN AYOUB

My life in games:

Words: Tom Guise

In Halo Wars 2, bad battlefield strategy could spell defeat for the human race. The game’s executive producer reveals the smart tactics that aided his career
Dan Ayoub

“Adapt your strategy to your personal style of play, and take time to learn how units can work together. I like to set up units to harass enemy troops as they move towards my base. I’ll set up snipers to soften up an enemy force before it gets to me.”

My latest game: Halo Wars 2

Real-time strategy, 2017, Xbox One, PC

“’I’ve been a real-time strategy fan my whole life, and I loved the original Halo Wars. I was fortunate enough to be the one to pitch Halo Wars 2 here at 343 Industries, and to build the team and find our development partner, Creative Assembly, so it’s been rewarding from day one. Working on the game has been amazing – there’s a great chemistry within the team, and everyone really dove into building not only an incredible RTS, but one that’s accessible to new players through game modes like the card-collecting Blitz.”

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My first game:
Shadow Company: left for dead

Real-time tactics, 1999, PC

“This makes me sound old, but the first video game I played was Pong. I remember my dad bringing home this console with wheels on it – I was immediately hooked. But the first one I worked on was Shadow Company, a tactical action game where you’re in charge of a squad of mercenaries. All these years later, I still remember it.”

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The game I’d take to a desert island:
The elder scrolls v: Skyrim

Action role-playing, 2011, PS3, Xbox 360, PC

“This feels like a trick question as I’d have no source of power on a desert island. But assuming I could actually find a way to make a game work… Skyrim has consumed so many hours of my life that I feel like it’d be the best way to pass the time.”

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The game that most inspired me: Super Mario 64

3D platformer, 1996, N64

“That game was so fresh and groundbreaking. It was magical to me. It really made me want to create worlds and be a part of this incredible industry. The 3D gameplay was just so jaw-droppingly amazing.”

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My current favourite game: Titanfall 2

First-person shooter, 2016, PS4, Xbox One, PC

“Considering we’re in the final stages for Halo Wars 2, it’s hard to find time to play, but I just picked up Skyrim for the Xbox One, so I’m diving back in. However, I picked that as my desert island choice, so my other favourite is Titanfall 2. That’s my go-to right now.”

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