How Grime is taking over the world

H∆SHTAG$ - How grime is taking over the world 

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H∆SHTAG$ season 2 looks at the new wave of current and burgeoning online music subcultures. In this episode - Grime 

Each time that grime seems to have died off, it just comes raging back. Although the genre’s roots lie firmly in early ’00s Britain, predating the internet era, it has evolved into a global force both IRL and URL over the past couple of years.

H∆SHTAG$ examines the mechanisms at play in grime’s rise in other corners of the world in this episode, with Wiki and Sporting Life of NYC hip-hop outfit Ratking, Kingdom, the man behind Los Angeles’s Fade To Mind label, Lit City Trax founder J-Cush, Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins of Complex and Amsterdam’s Grimeyard, as well as UK pioneers Rapid of Ruff Sqwad, Mista Jam and Sir Spyro, and journalists Hattie Collins and Annie Mac.

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“Grime is a religion!”

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H∆SHTAG$ Season 2

It's time for an all-new season spent exploring internet music phenomena and digital subcultures.

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