the Rise of GQOM

H∆SHTAG$ - The Rise Of GQOM

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H∆SHTAG$ season 2 looks at the new wave of current and burgeoning online music subcultures. In this episode - GQOM 

From the streets of Durban to the hard drives of Europe’s dance music vanguard via WhatsApp: these are the coordinates that map out the journey of South Africa’s recent club craze, gqom.

The brash, lo-fi sound arose within local township communities and hasn’t strayed far from its roots, even while finding its way digitally into the playlists of DJs and listeners the world over.

H∆SHTAG$ travels to Durban in this episode to explore the connections between gqom’s local origins and its shot at global success with South African producers Citizen Boy, Emo-Kid, DJ Lusiman, DJ Lag, Distruction Boyz, Illumination Boiz, Massive Q of RudeBoyz and Okzharp, as well as European DJs and label heads Nan Kolè (Gqom Oh!), Moleskin (Goon Club Allstars) and Joe Howard (Cotch International).

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“You feel excited, you feel hyper, when you listen to GQOM music”


H∆SHTAG$ Season 2

It's time for an all-new season spent exploring internet music phenomena and digital subcultures.

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