Hollywood stars’ strange early performances

Hollywood stars’ strange early performances

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Today, cinema superstars can choose their parts but even they had to take on some unusual roles in the early days  

Shining lights like Jennifer Lawrence and Aaron Paul thrill global audiences with their performances in the movies or on the TV screen, and it seems like they’ve never done anything else. But had anyone heard of Paul before Breaking Bad or Lawrence before Winter’s Bone? 

These two high-flyers once had to make a name for themselves with some questionable TV appearances and mini roles.

Here are some of the most embarrassing or unusual early jobs of Hollywood A-listers:

  • Aaron Paul
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Jason Statham
  • Daisy Ridley
  • Jon Hamm
  • Jennifer Connelly 
  • Jack Black
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Aaron Paul

Appearance: Quiz show contestant on The Price is Right

© Youtube // SPBedition

Looking slightly erratic himself eight years before his iconic role as drug addict Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul appeared as a completely overstrung contestant on the US version of The Price is Right. He later said in an interview he had consumed six energy drinks before the show. You can tell.

Jennifer Lawrence

Appearance: Guest actress in Monk, Season 5, Episode 3

© Youtube // JLawrencNews

Who’s in the funny lion costume annoying cult star Monk? It’s none other than Hollywood royalty Jennifer Lawrence. Luckily, she takes off the disguise towards the end, otherwise, we would have hardly believed it. 

Jason Statham

Appearance: Background dancer


© Youtube // themosttogain

Jason Statham has a checkered past. The man not only created a splash as a diver in the British national team, but also made an impression as a background dancer in The Shamen’s video for “Comin’ On”. We don’t know what’s more surprising: that the hard-hitting action star can dance so smoothly, or that he’s wearing nothing but some leopard-print underpants.

Statham obviously did his job so well that Erasure booked him to appear in “Run to the Sun”.

© Youtube // ErasureVevo

Daisy Ridley

Appearance: First aid for video for motorists

© Youtube // martin percy

Long before her casting as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with her ability to convey real drama newcomer Daisy Ridley already demonstrated her suitability for the space saga in a ground-breaking instructions video for first aid.

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Jon Hamm

Appearance: Contestant on The Big Date

In 1995, Jon Hamm was still a long way from the casual coolness which he showed years later on Mad Men. As a participant on the flirting show The Big Date, he looked slightly overawed, while his hairstyle also takes a bit of getting used to. 

Jennifer Connelly

Appearance: Singer in a Japanese commercial


© Youtube // Eyes On Cinema

Oh, the innocence. As a 16-year-old, the future Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly sang sugary sounds in a Japanese commercial. The biggest surprise was not only Jennifer’s flawless voice but that she was singing her own song. “Monologue of Love” was her single from 1986 which was produced for the Japanese market.

Jack Black

Appearance: Actor in a video game commercial

© Youtube // DigThatBoxRETRO

When you look at this ancient ad, you have no trouble recognising the then 14-year-old Jack Black - despite the safari hat. The intense look and the dark, round eyes are unmistakable. The retro feel is further enhanced by the product being advertised, the Atari game Pitfall from 1983.

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