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Deep Focus

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Mark Wahlberg has used hard work and dogged determination to rise to the top

When he was 16, Mark Wahlberg was convicted of assault and spent 45 days in jail. While behind bars, he thought of his gang buddies and his sister and his brothers, all of whom had been incarcerated. He decided that life was not for him. It took him a while to change (he was still an angry young man in his early 20s), but he stuck to his word.

He worked hard, got married, had four kids. In Hollywood today, he’s considered one of the good guys: great to work with and for, well-mannered, humble. Some problems are alleviated when you are one of the highest-paid movie stars in the world:

… but you need to be on your game to succeed and, aged 45, Wahlberg shows no sign of losing focus.

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