Interview mit Ex-Power-Ranger Jason David Frank

How to become a Power Ranger

As Power Rangers returns, original Green Ranger Jason David Frank reveals what it takes to be in that mighty morphin’ crew

THE RED BULLETIN: How does one become a Power Ranger? 

JASON DAVID FRANK: I was 18 when I got the audition. It was the perfect role: a teenager who knew karate. I did martial arts and won a lot, so I had this mindset of, “Hey, I’m going to treat this like a tournament.” The next day, I was booked as the Green Ranger. I was hired for 10 episodes [from 1993], but ended up part of the show for years.

You’re a skydiver, a MMA fighter, and a seventh-dan black belt in karate. Does that help?

For action, yes – filming a fight scene is easy for me; real fights are a lot harder. Skydiving and martial arts teach you to relax and manage pressure, too. You don’t crack, you become a diamond.

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What was it like being a Power Ranger at the show’s peak?

I look back now and think what a big achievement. We were the number one kids’ show in the world. This was before Google, Facebook, Instagram – we’re talking old-fashioned interviews written on a typewriter. It was like being in a rock band. I remember going to Hawaii and there were thousands of people at the airport. 

I looked at Dave Yost (Blue Ranger) and said, “Who are all these people here for?” He said, “Us.” At a show in Florida, we needed a police escort to get through the crowds. It was amazing. 

How do you feel about the new film? Are you involved?

I feel great. I’m always part of the franchise. I know all the people involved: the producers, the actors. I feel honoured – and old. As far as whether I’m involved, you’ll have to wait until March to see.

Watch the official trailer for the new Power Rangers movie!

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What advice do you have for the new cast? 

Don’t try to duplicate the characters, because there’s nothing better than the originals. Yes, you’re using the names and the concept, but bring yourself to the film. And if you’re playing me, you better kick butt! 


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