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Words: Holger Potye
Photography: 2K Games, Firaxis Games

5 Survival Tips for players in the alien-infested universe of XCOM 2

XCOM 2, the follow up to the critically acclaimed turn-based alien invasion game XCOM: ENEMY UNKNOWN by Firaxis Games is about to be unleashed upon us puny earthlings. The Red Bulletin met with the creators to find out 5 essential survival strategies. Here is what creative director Jacob Solomon, lead producer Garth DeAngelis and art director Greg Foertsch think you should know …  

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XCOM 2 - 5 essential tipps on how to survive!

1. Invest in the Psi Operative  
XCOM 2’s Psi Op is a game-changing unit that plays like no other class. Psi Ops are very powerful and can gain tons of awesome skills, but the trade-off is it takes a lot of resources. We made it worth the cost with fun unique abilities like “Fuse”, which lets you detonate the explosives your enemies are carrying. They also have great support abilities and perks like “Sustain” which will keep your Psi Op alive after they’ve taken a fatal hit.

2. Don’t underestimate the Specialist’s Gremlin
The Specialist is XCOM 2’s support class who comes equipped with a flying robot companion called the Gremlin. Players can decide to give the Gremlin life-saving healing abilities like Restoration (the Gremlin heals/revives each of your soldiers) or guaranteed damage dealing abilities which are vital at higher difficulties. The Gremlin is also the best hacker in the game and can turn the enemies’ mechanized units, like turrets and MECs, over to your control. 

3. Sometimes you need to retreat
XCOM 2 is a tough game even on lower difficulties. If you ever see a mission going south, evacuate your soldiers right away. Coming back from a mission with wounded or dead soldiers is a big hit on your capacity to take on future missions. Every soldier is essential, but winning every mission isn’t.

XCOmM 2: Soldier Sniper in Action

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4. XCOM 2 is not a stealth game
Concealment is a great way to get the drop on a small group of enemies, but you won’t be able to complete a mission undetected. You can put yourself in a bad place if you try to go too far with your concealed soldiers. As soon as you’ve been revealed, enemy patrols you snuck past will start pursuing you. Now, all of a sudden you’re surrounded. Good luck, Commander.

5. Guaranteed damage
Choose upgrades, abilities, and perks like the stock upgrade because they grant you guaranteed damage. Knowing how your attack will hit is useful for removing an enemy’s overwatch or releasing a soldier from the Viper’s Bind ability. Not to mention, it’s always nice to sidestep the hit chance every once in a while.

XCOM 2 will be released for PC, Mac and Linux on February 5th 2016

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