“An ill-fitting suit is the worst”

Words: Florian Obkircher

Last month British pop duo Hurts released their new masterpiece Surrender. Here Theo and Adam let loose on being a pop star in Kyrgyzstan and how to buy a suit

THE RED BULLETIN: Your new album’s lead single Some Kind of Heaven was a global success. It even peaked at number 1 in Kyrgyzstan.

THEO HUTCHCRAFT: It’s a great testament to the world, how music can travel that far and to be successful in a place we’ve never been. It genuinely made me happy when I found out for a whole week because that week we were the biggest band in a huge country far away. It’s something that has happened several times for us in the past. We seem to pop up in Armenia, Georgia, all these places you’d never expect.

In July Some Kind Of Heaven rocketed to Number 1 in Kyrgyzstan

© HurtsVEVO // YouTube

Why do you think it is that your music is so well received in Eastern Europe and Eurasia?

ADAM ANDERSON: When we started the band, we found out we were number 1 in Denmark. So instantly we decided to go there. One week later our label said Finland is going pretty well, so we went. Two years later we’ve been around the world four times.

THEO: I think part of the reason why we’re successful is because we’ve actually been to all these places. When we go to Eastern Europe, we don’t just play Kiev, we’ve played lots of cities in Ukraine, lots of Russian cities too, not just Moscow and St. Petersburg. We go to places other bands never go.

ADAM: It’s exciting for us. When we first started, we just wanted to play music to people. And if those people were in Greece or Czech Republic, then why not go? I want to play to an audience of people who seem to know the songs.

THEO: Kyrgyzstan now is a benchmark because that’s one of the remotest places we could ever have imaged that we’d have success.

“I think part of the reason why we’re successful is because we’ve actually been to all these places other bands never go”
Theo Hutchcraft

Speaking of travelling, you recorded your new album Surrender in many different places, from Ibiza to Los Angeles to Montreux in the Swiss Alps. Does your location have an impact on the music you are writing?

ADAM: I think we wanted to approach writing songs with a bit more freedom this time. You can’t really do that if you’re locked away in one room in one location. For us it was a nice change to be able to travel and make music when we felt like it and not according to a schedule. I think that really shows in the sound of the album. It’s quite a relaxed album in many ways. That comes from the experience from travelling and writing music, which we’ve never done.

THEO: We went to places that make you think outwardly. Our previous album was very intense and dark. In order to let the music take on a different mood, we put ourselves in places like Montreaux and Los Angeles, places with big skies and sunshine. Your mood changes when you’re in those places. When you’re in Montreaux, it’s hard for that not to change your outlook on things. I’m not surprised all those musicians from Queen to David Bowie went there to make music.

Hurts’ current single is called Wings, the video was directed by Dawn Shadforth, known for her work with the likes of Bjork, Primal Scream and Goldfrapp

© HurtsVEVO // YouTube

You’re known as some of the most stylish men in pop music. What makes a good suit?

THEO: It’s weird. Most suits are the same, really. A good one needs to have one thing about it that’s unique. The white suit I’m wearing on our current press shots has a very subtle pattern that you can’t really see. At first glance it looks like an ordinary suit, but it’s long and it has got weird pockets. It’s a very special little thing.

What’s your essential tip for buying a suit?

ADAM: The number one is obvious, but it’s a mistake a lot of men make when they buy a suit: Make sure that your clothes fit you properly. An ill-fitting suit is the worst. With formal clothes generally, if it fits you tight, it just looks amazing.

THEO: You can buy a cheap suit, but you should take it to a tailor’s. It costs you 50 pounds at the most and all of a sudden you’ve got a suit, which looks like you paid 1.000 pound for it. If you have never done it before you might think that clothes fit you because they’re your size. But that’s not true. Take it to the tailor’s and you will see the difference.

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