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In the footsteps of Robert Langdon:
visit the cities from “Inferno“

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On a quest to save the world in Inferno, Tom Hanks’ hero Robert Langdon must race through the cities of Florence, Venice and Istanbul, three perfect locations for your own European travel adventure

Author Dan Brown could not have picked more spectacular spots as the backdrops to his novel and inspiration for the latest cinematic release.

Let The Red Bulletin guide you through these beautiful places from the thrilling series…

  • Florence
  • Venice
  • Istanbul
  • Florence

In theatres October 14th

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Symbologiest Langdon begins his adventure in the Italian city where, fleeing from his pursuers, he finds himself in the Boboli Gardens. You can make your own escape from busy city life in this 4.5 hectare complex. Lose yourself between fountains, statues, grottoes and temples. The gardens’ hilly landscape also offers you a magnificent panoramic view of Florence.

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The Palazzo Vecchio is where Dan Brown’s professor studies the Dante Alighieri’s death mask. Today the town hall is a work of art in itself. The Italian architect and artist Giorgio Vasari transformed the buildings, once known as Palazzo della Signoria, with his walkways and spectacular paintings. The magnificent Hall of the Five Hundred is particularly impressive.

Tourist tip: Release your inner Robert Langdon and book the “secret passages” tour.

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A clue on the death mask leads Langdon to St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Wonder in amazement at the magic that unfolds inside the Basilica San Marco through its stunning mosaics and artwork. Even from the outside, this masterpiece of Byzantine architecture is gorgeous to look at, especially in the dim light of the evening. And St. Mark’s Square has its own special atmosphere.

Next door, Doge’s Palace was once the home of the famous Doge Enrico Dandolo and it’s here where Langdon must look for his grave as he tries to save the world from disaster. The Palazzo Ducale was the seat of the ruling Doges for nearly 1,000 years and it is a must on any trip to Venice, especially to see the courtyard and prisons. A guided tour will lead you to otherwise unreachable places. 


The search for the Doge’s grave leads the Harvard professor Langdon and his colleagues to Turkey and the Hagia Sophia. Once a church and then a mosque, today the museum possesses something rare: both Christian and Muslim symbols. Lined with splendid mosaics, the building meaning “Holy Wisdom” was once one of the wonders of the ancient world.

If you’re looking for a tour guide, the renowned Serhan Güngör showed author Dan Brown himself around this most beautiful corner of Istanbul.

The finale of Langdon’s adventure takes place at Yerebatan Sarayi, or the “Sunken Palace Cistern.” The underground Basilica Cistern is one of the most impressive sights in Istanbul where 336 eight-metre columns support the vault. Movie fans should be familiar with the location from James Bond’s From Russia With Love and The International

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