Who will be the next Bond?

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Daniel Craig’s days as 007 seem to be coming to an end. Here are a few names we’d like to see thrown into the hat for his successor as the most famous spy in the world 

With Spectre breaking records left, right and centre, the chances of another Bond film in the very near future looks like a very real possibility. The question is: Will Daniel Craig be pulling out his Walther PPK for a 5th time, or will we see a new face to 007? Regardless of whether it happens now or after the next film, one thing is certain – Craig needs a suitable successor. Here are a few names we’d like to see thrown into the hat when the time comes. 




Idris Elba


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His name has been mentioned before as a possible successor to Craig, and the reaction was controversial to say the least. The time seems right for Elba to become James Bond though. He has all the right credentials: The British charm, physical prowess and good looks to send Bond into a new era.

The Explanation: 007/Bond becomes a codename to honour the death of the original James Bond (Daniel Craig). Only those who have the potential to be as good, or better than Craig’s Bond are given the codename. It would certainly make for an interesting twist to the Bond tale, and it would also make it a lot easier to explain the constant face changes (take Doctor Who for example). 


Tom Hiddleston

tom Hiddleston

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It’s about time Bond went back to his roots. Let’s swap the violence, big guns and testosterone for more charm, wit and gadgets. Hiddleston will save the world with a bit more finesse and dry British humour. He also showed in the Avengers that he can rustle up a bit of chaos when needed. Perfect for Bond.

The Explanation: After the global violence free-for-all of Craig and Elba it is time for a change of tact to improve a damaged image. Spies are meant to go unnoticed after all…

Tom Hardy 

Tom Hardy

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The silent, mysterious type. Deadly and caring at the same time. Hardy would most likely continue to take Bond in the same direction as Craig, but with the potential to lose control a little more than Craig ever could. As he has proven in Mad Max and as Bane.

The Explanation: Daniel Craig’s Bond doesn’t die, but chooses his successor himself when he knows his time as 007 is coming to an end. Hardy was rescued by Bond when he was just a teenager, and has been trained as Bond’s protégé. But is he going to be able to deal with the responsibility or will he be turned? 

Jennifer Lawrence


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Yes, a woman! It’s 2015 so why can’t a woman be the next 007?? The need to encourage equal rights within the British secret services sees James Bond turned into Jane Bond, and who better than Jennifer Lawrence? She’s shown in The Hunger Games and X-Men that she can handle huge action films, and also has the natural charm and seductive sexiness to have men eating out the palm of her hand, before she knocks them out.

The Explanation: She’s not 007 yet. At first she’s Bond’s partner, learning from the best. She’s called into action on her first job when she’s needed to infiltrate a major crime syndicate (possibly led by Tom Hardy), win their confidence and take it down from the inside. Something Bond is unable to do due to his closeness to his former protégé. In the process 007 sees that there is a future for him outside of this life, passing on the baton to Lawrence. 

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