Lady Leshurr

“Turn negativity into creativity”

Words: Florian Obkircher
Photograpy: Alex de Mora

Lady Leshurr. The feisty wordsmith is tipped as the UK’s next rap sensation. Here, she explains how Snapchat can boost your confidence

THE RED BULLETIN: You avoid rap clichés like violence and drugs, yet your Queen’s Speech Ep.4 video had 29 million YouTube views. How did you do it while staying authentic? 

LADY LESHURR: I’ve never even sworn in my lyrics! Promoting violence isn’t an option, because I don’t live that life. I use silly jokes and cultural references instead  – things I’m happy with. I’d already proved my technical abilities, and on the Queen’s Speeches I put the real me into my music for the first time.

What empowered you to do that?

It sounds corny, but Snapchat has given me a lot of confidence. I feel I can show my silly side, and people really appreciate it.

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Does that mean that authenticity is the key to success?

Exactly. I’m never going speak about anything that I haven’t dealt with. It wouldn’t make sense for me to talk about drugs and violence, because I wasn’t brought up in that background, and people won’t believe it. With lyrics, you have to make people believe what you’re talking about in order for them to enjoy the song. 

Did it take you a while to get to this realisation?

It was a long journey. When you spend a lot of time on your own, you get to know yourself better and that’s what I’ve done in the period of creating Queen’s Speech. I knew, some people are going to hate it, some people are going to love it. I was really nervous, because people know about my technical ability, but this is quite the opposite of what I usually did. I’ve done everything, from hip-hop to grime, but I’ve never been able to express my personality on a track so close to my personality. I felt like I was finally able to bring my real person into my music.

But with success comes negativity, too. How do you cope?

In Queen’s Speech Ep.4, I say, “How could you talk my name and you ain’t even brushed your teeth?” That’s my reaction to a hater’s early-morning tweet. The trick is to turn negative comments into creativity.

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