Bill Harms: My Life in Games

My Life in Games: Bill Harms

Mafia III is about history, loyalty and revenge. Harms is its lead writer and here, he reveals the titles that have shaped his own story
Bill Harms
Harms’s Top Tip

“In Mafia III, you have an associate with the ability to kill the phone lines, so use them early and often. This can stop your adversaries calling reinforcements when you’re on the attack, and stop bystanders reporting you to the police.”

My latest game: Mafia III

Action-adventure, 2016, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac

“Mafia III follows the story of Lincoln Clay – an orphan and Vietnam veteran, determined to get revenge on the Italian Mafia after they slaughter the Black Mob, the only family he’s ever known. Set in our New Orleans-inspired fictional city of New Bordeaux in 1968, creating the story has been really interesting – the late ’60s is such a fascinating time in US history, and it’s an honour to take the narrative reins of a franchise with millions of fans.”

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My current favourite game: The Long Dark

First-person survival, 2014, Steam, Xbox One

The play mechanics of this open-world survival simulation are incredible. Deleting your save position adds an amazingly intense element to the whole experience – the very idea of death in a game. It’s a really bold development move and completely changes the way you play the game.

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First game I played: Pitfall 2

Platform game, 1984, Atari 2600

“I was about 14, playing with my neighbour, Mike Linderman, and this game blew our minds. One of the things that made it so memorable was it made me feel I was part of the adventure. There’s a section where you fall off a waterfall and into this cavern – it was so immersive. I felt I was in the game.”

Pitfall 2

The game I’d take to a desert island: Left 4 Dead 2

Survival horror, 2009, Xbox 360

The mechanics lend themselves to replayability. You can keep upping the difficulty and there are a number of modes. Plus the characters talk, so I won’t be alone. Also, I love killing zombies.

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The game that most inspired me: System Shock 2

Action role-playing, 1999, PC

There’s a scene early on where you come across a hanging corpse and it reinforces how bad things are aboard the Von Braun [the starship you’re travelling on]. It really enhances the game’s atmosphere and, as a writer, shows the power of telling a story within the video-game medium. Plus, it’s scary as hell.

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